Next generation MEGA-LED floodlight "Aztec Superlight"

What is "Made in JAPAN" Aztec Superlight?

It's World's first "LED light source" floodlight, which is only solved “high temperature” of the biggest common problem on LED floodlight.

Our patented technology, "AZTEC Cooling" is Fan-less and Automatic stable heat exhausting system.  


Aztec Superlight creates over 300,000 lux (version up from 200,000 lux) of parallel beautiful bright light like "Spring Sun" by only 100w power consumption and possible of over a month, over 1,000 hours of continuous lighting.



●Aztec Superlight 80w short video

●Aztec Superlight 160w short video



Download "AstecSuperlight Catalog ver.APR2023"


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Download "Fish-luring lights application"